The Tomahawk Alumni Association is comprised of all current and former Tomahawk staff. The Board of the Alumni Association is comprised of individuals from all generations of Tomahawk staff and is elected by all Tomahawk Staff at the annual Holiday Gathering. The purpose of the Tomahawk Alumni Association is this:

  1. To promote social activities for the members of the Association so as to sponsor fellowship among former and current staff members and friends of Tomahawk Scout Reservation.
  2. To disseminate information about the members and Tomahawk Scout Camp by means of such devices as mailing lists, newsletters, and updates on Tomahawk Scout Camp so to encourage communications between members and keep members informed about the current status of Tomahawk Scout Camp and the Northern Star Council.
  3. To be of service and support, financially and otherwise, to Tomahawk Scout Camp and the Northern Star Council as deemed appropriate by the members.

Tomahawk History Book

Tomahawk Scout Camp has a long and exciting history. In an effort to capture and celebrate that history Northern Star Council has published a Tomahawk History Book. The Tomahawk History Book tells the story of what makes Tomahawk special—the place, the people, the program. It is photo heavy and chronicles the major changes over the years and key stories that shaped the camp. This book is the perfect thing to cap off the celebration of 70 years of Scouting at Tomahawk. 

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Board Members

Member Position Term
Josh Torkelson President 2024
Dan Kobler Past President 2024
Kelly Hovde President Elect 2024
Gina Grapentine Member at Large 2024
Matt Casper Member at Large 2022-2024
Stephen Cory Member at Large 2024-2027
Kerry Eckert Member at Large 2023-2025
Tanya Halloran Member at Large  2024-2027
Eric Schmidt Member at Large  2022-2024
Ryan Leach Member at Large 2024-2027
Tracen Vail Member at Large 2023-2025
Teddy Vitale Member at Large 2023-2025
Bryon Flaten Staff Representative 2024
Brian Halloran Camp Director Ex-Officio