Unit Activities

What is a Unit Activity?

In the afternoon, the Troop participates in activities as a group. Communicate your top ten troop activities with your camp coordinator using the Scout Program Planning Worksheet. Your camp coordinator will take the top choices from everyone in your troop and submit your troop’s collective top 15 choices to camp. The camp staff will use your troop’s submission to craft an afternoon scheduled tailored to your troop.

Submit your Interests

Submit your Unit Activity Interests

For More Information

For more information on unit activities, please see our Program Catalog. The Program Catalog is the one-stop-shop for everything on programs, including the sign-up procedures, what is offered, when it is offered, and more. In the Program Catalog, you can find information not only on unit activities, but also on merit badges, older Scout programs, and other specialty programs. 

Below, you can find a gallery of the unit activities we offer. 

Program Catalog

5 Mile Hike

A 5 mile hike is a requirement for advancement. Tomahawk is a perfect place to do this. This activity pairs well with a trip to Logging Camp.

Aqua Trampoline

Why limit yourself to simply swimming or jumping? With this, you can jump on a trampoline and go directly into the lake.

Archery Shooting

Archery is a great sport for building confidence quickly. The feeling of shooting a bow and accomplishing your goal – whether it’s drilling a bull’s eye or executing a great shot – helps you build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Beaver Tales

Beavers are consider a keystone species. Learn how beavers shape their environment for themselves and other plants and animals.

Bison, Fire Tower, History & Bike Tour

Grab a bike from the Berglund Center and find the Bison by bike. Ride down to the Fire Tower and return for a tour on the history exhibit.

Campsite/Free Time

Does your troop lead an activity on their own? Want to play a card game? Need a break? Take a session of time to yourself.

Conservation Project

Learn more about conservation by performing a project with your troop. By doing one, you can help Tomahawk protect biodiversity, wildlife, wild places and endangered species that live on the property year-round.

Disc Golf

Want to play a round of disc golf? Tomahawk has an 18 hole course located at the Berglund Center.

Fire Tower

Climb 100’ in the air and see above the trees. See the Mega Tower and Long Lake. Discuss how fire towers worked to spot fires.

First Class Aquatics

Need to do reaching, throwing, and line and tender rescues? We’ve got you covered. This can be paired with a troop swim.


Explore camp by GPS. Take an item from a geocache and leave an item for others to find. We provide the GPS units and instruction.

Horseback Ride

Scheduled for two hours. Rides will be an hour long, but travel/prep time is needed on either end of ride. Rides are $20 per person.

Ice Cream Outpost

Canoe, kayak, or row across the lake to a local ice cream shop. There, you can select from a wide variety of flavors and enjoy your ice cream before the trek back.

Leave No Trace

Learn about the principles of Leave No Trace from our staff. There's no better place to learn than in the middle of nature.

Monkey Fist Knot or Turk's Head Slide

Create something truly unique in Handicrafts. Make a Turks Head to use as a neckerchief slide or a monkey fist key chain.

Nature/Bog Hike

Learn about the plants, wildlife, and ecosystems that make up the ecology of Tomahawk. Please note that the Bog Walk is not available in White Pine.

Orienteering Course

Go through the 1 mile orienteering course. Use map and compass to find all the controls in the woods. Will your troop be the fastest?

Owl Pellets

Dissect owl pellets in Ecology and learn about the many things that make owls unique. Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

Pioneer Power

Learn and practice your lashing while building a useful camp gadget in Scoutcraft.

Rifle Shooting

Learn the range rules, how to safely handle firearms, and how to shoot a rifle. Practice your shooting skills and compare with the rest of your troop.

Shotgun Shooting

Learn the range rules, how to safely handle firearms, and how to shoot a shotgun. Practice your shooting skills and compare with the rest of your troop.

Team Building Games

Want to grow stronger as a patrol and troop? Play games that challenge your communication, team work, and cooperation skills.

Tie Dye

Have everyone in your troop tie dye a shirt, handkerchief or other item. White shirts with Tomahawk logos are available in the trading post

Tomahawk Throwing

Learn of the Tomahawk namesake at the tomahawk throwing range. Learn how to safely handle tomahawks, properly throw them so that they "stick" the landing, and play games to improve your skills.

Troop Boating

Choose from canoes, kayaks, row boats or paddle boards for this troop activity. Go to the other side of the lake, fish or play boat tag.

Troop Climb

Climb the climbing tower in your sub-camp and cheer on your troop mates as they conquer the tower. Whether conquering your fear or the climbing record, the tower stands tall for your troop.

Troop Swim and Snorkeling

Want a slice of the beach to yourself? Play water polo, dive for treasures, practice for your next attempt at the swim test, or just enjoy a relaxing swim.

Voyageur Canoe

A voyageur canoe is a 36-foot long canoe that fits 12-14 paddlers, plus our staff guide. Learn teamwork as you work as a group to move the vessel around the lake.

Watermelon Maul

This fast paced game at the beach will build up an appetite. Afterwards, enjoy some tenderized watermelon.