Volunteering and Service Projects

How to Help Us

Tomahawk is a big place: we have over 200 structures. We need experienced and skilled people to assist with maintaining our camps. If you are interested in swinging a hammer at camp or even just want to help keep the grass mowed, we want your help!

Please see below for what projects we are prepared for. If you have something in specific you'd like to do or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Review the project list to see available projects. Find an available project and then sign up using the link below to reserve a project for you and/or your group.

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Volunteer Projects

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Install Batteries, Perform Oil Changes, Test Drive/Assess, Perform repairs to found issues (Ex. Brakes, Exaust, Lights, Safety issues..etc)
  • ATV Maintenance: Install Batteries, Perform Oil Changes, Test Drive/Assess, Perform repairs to found issues (Ex. Brakes, Exaust, Lights, Safety issues..etc)
  • Snow Fence: Before Winter comes, we put up a snow fence. After Winter ends, we take down the snow fence.
  • Install Admin & Neighbor Docks​: Install docks and boat lifts at Lavine, Pontiac, Ranger residence, Jensen House, and Family Island. Putting in the boat lifts takes the most people. This project takes multiple people.
  • Put in Beach Docks: Help put in the docks at subcamp beaches
  • Roadside and Lawn Cleanup: Cleanup roads sides and areas that get mowed of debris, plow damages, downed trees, etc. before the grass starts to grow.
  • Campsite Mowing​: Mow Campsites to get ready for campers. Uses a mix of the push mower, Zero-Turn mower, the brush mower (must be ATV trained), and/or weed whip.
  • Mowing Roadsides and Trails: Mowing roadsides and numerous trails with atv (Must Be ATV trained) or tractor
  • Mowing Lawns: Mowing lawns and fields throughout camp with the Zero-Turn mower
  • Building Cleanup: Going through buildings and cleaning up accumulated dust and cobwebs (windows, beams, eves, etc.)
  • Various Small Repairs: Going around with a list of small needed repairs. Determine what it needs to be fixed and fix it or come back later after materials are aquired
  • Preventative maintence tasks: Perform various preventative maintenance tasks. lubricate vent fans, check/change light bulbs, etc.
  • Sign Painting: Remove signs that need painting, keep track of their location, scrape-sand-repaint, reinstall signs when dry
  • Set up Canvas Tents: Put up canvas tents in sub-camps before camp. This is a great project for a troop--lots of knot tying practice. Scales well for large groups.
  • Repair Tent Poles: Cut and weld new tips on broken tent poles. Must have some welding experience.
  • Building Painting: Prep, clean, stain/paint pre-determined buildings at camp
  • Tree Cutting: Cut up downed trees throughout camp into splitable chunk. Must have taken the chainsaw safety training and must go with a buddy.
  • Wood Splitting: Split wood that has been cut into splittable chunks. Leave in nice stacks or transport to pre-determined locations.
  • Moving Boats: Move canoes to racks, put out row boats, kayaks, paddle boards. This is a good project for troops. Experienced sailors could rig sailboats.

Work Party

Each year, we have a weekend where many volunteers and help us crush some projects. Looking for a troop outing? Look no further than a weekend stay at Tomahawk. We'll provide shelter, food, the tools, and materials needed. You'll provide the hands to help. It is always hosted the weekend after Memorial Day (Friday night through Sunday Lunch).  Sign up below!

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Troop Service Projects

Campsite Projects

Check the Service Project Availability to find out what your campsite or a neighboring campsite needs.

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  • Painting Latrines: We are working on making camp as a whole look nicer. Your troop can help by painting your Latrine. We will provide the paint and brushes.

  • Painting Bulletin Board: If you would like to paint the bulletin board in your campsite and remove all the existing staples, we can provide the materials to do this.

  • Washing station bases: There are a few different ways that washing stations are set up at camp. We would like to standardize them and make them better. This project consists of making a platform under the hand-washing station of our design. We will provide the materials for your troop to construct a platform for your washing station to sit on.

  • Washing station drainage: Many wash stations do not have an adequate drain setup. Depending on location, this can consist of a simple install of a pipe to get water away from people's feet, or as detailed as putting a pipe in the ground and make a small drain field. * This project should be done after a platform has been built at the washing station. This can be done by the group that constructs the platform or a different group.

  • Bear Box Shelves: Many of the bear boxes at the campsites do not have enough shelving to accommodate the group. There are a few methods to add shelves that have been done over the years. We can provide materials and plans for your troop to add more shelving to the bear box.

  • Campsite Entryway: In an effort to better define each campsite, we are looking to add a “ranch” style entryway to each campsite. This involves notching treated 4x6 lumber, drilling, and setting the lumber in the ground. The finished opening of the entryway will be around 13 foot square using 16ft timbers. We will provide the materials for this on a first come first serve basis as we will have a limit to how many we can do in a year. Once that number is reached we will black out availability.

  • Campfire Benches: There are many campsites that should have better seating around their campfire rings. We would like to standardize most campsites to have a certain quality of bench. We have come up with a design of bench that would be well suited for around the campfires. If your troop would like to build benches please refer to the Bench Design and Plans.

    • Please notify us when you sign up how many benches you plan to build (1-4)
    • *The troop can either provide their own materials or We are able to provide the materials for benches on a limited basis. If we are providing the materials we are doing a “One for You, One for Us” system. You will make a minimum of 2 benches where 1 bench can go in your campsite and one goes into an area of our choosing.
    • Campsite Bench Plans

Sub-camp Wide Service Projects:

The projects below are improvements that can be made to the sub-camp that your Troop/Crew stays at.

  • Trail Improvements and/or establish new trails: Your troop/crew can sign-up to do trail work within your sub-camp. you will be supplied with the tools necessary to do the work. Once you arrive at camp a Ranger or Ecology staff member will meet with you to discuss the area of your sub-camp that is being worked on at that time. Your troop/crew can also work on a trail of your choosing as long as it is run by the Ecology Director/Ranger first.

    • Availability: This is a multi-year endeavor, so at this point the availability is open for as many are willing.

  • Building/Structure Painting: There is always buildings or structures that need paint at camp. If your Troop/Crew would like to paint one of our buildings or structures let us know. We will then discuss options large and small. you will be provided with the paint, brushes and other materials.

Volunteering and Service Projects