Camp Provided Equipment

Not every unit has  every piece of equipment they need for a full week stay, so to help units be able to come to camp, Tomahawk can provide equipment for your unit. All available equipment is listed below, and any fees are mentioned next to the item.

Equipment Included at all Unit Campsites

  • Picnic Table(s)
  • Handwashing station, which includes a spigot for hoses/refilling water bottles
  • Flag Pole
  • Bulletin Board
  • Latrine
  • Fire Grate
  • Bear Box for smell-ables (not mouse-proof)

Campsite Equipment available

  • 2 person canvas wall tents ($8 per)
  • Canvas cots ($3 per)
  • Dining Tarps ($4 per)

To request this equipment, login into your event registration, click the "update information" button on the registration contact, and enter your requested equipment in the appropriate fields.

Cooking Equipment

  • Propane tank ($30 per)
  • Sioux Camp only: 2-Burner LP Stove - includes 1 propane tank ($40 per)

Program Equipment

  • Map & Compass gear, saws, axes, shovels, rakes, & wheel barrows (Scoutcraft)
  • Fishing rods & tackle boxes (Beach or Marina)
  • For any other equipment, check with your campsite Commissioner or Camp Director.

Coolers and Ice

Troops that will be storing food in camp should plan to bring coolers that can be kept secure in their campsite, vehicle, or bear box. Ice is available for purchase from the Trading Post. Sioux troops utilizing camp food service will be provided one bag of ice free per unit per day. This is to store the provided condiments; milk, butter, peanut butter & jelly. Additional bags are available for sale.

Facility Information

  • Showers - Located in all sub camps
  • Laundry - There is not a laundry service available to campers. However, nearby towns have laundromats.
  • Electricity - If you need to charge a battery pack or other electronic devices, there are outlets available in the program buildings as well as the Welcome Center. Please check with your Commissioner for details.
Camp Provided Equipment