2018 - Carson Koehnen





Q. What year(s) were you on Tomahawk staff?

A. 2018


Q. What was your position(s)?

A. Cook Staff


Q. What was happening at Tomahawk during your tenure?  What was new?

A. The sparks program was being fleshed out and logging camp guys learned how to weld to do it. I helped out for a while with welding.


Q. What was your most memorable experience?

A. Of good memories, I remember hanging out with Alex and the other guys in the kitchen a lot. The older kitchen staff was really nice and I really liked them. I can't place his name but the guy who did accounting that year was awesome too.


Q. How did your experience at Tomahawk affect your life?

A. It gave me my first taste of working in the real world, having to deal with unexpected changes and frustrating people. It also gave me my first taste of life outside of living with your parents and going to school everyday, where you are responsible for yourself and your actions, and you can do what you want when you want to. (Of course while still adhering to your responsibilities)


Q. What was your favorite place in camp?

A. Navajo beach dock late at night. The stars and the water were beautiful, and I loved listening to music there by myself. It was also really nice when the weather was a bit rough and the water would lap against the shore with a bit of a chilly wind coming in from the lake.


Q. Do you have any advice for the current staff?

A. Not any in particular. I didn't really work there long enough to be in a position to give advice to others.


Q. When was your last visit to Tomahawk?  What was different?

A. Last year. The kitchen was renovated and there were many staff changes, all for the better. I am glad Alex got into sparks, he was really overqualified to do that but he wasn't the year I worked there which always confused me.


Q. What is your current occupation / affiliation with Scouting, etc?

A. Currently I work at a Pizzahut. The experience I had working in the kitchen at camp I think opened me to that line of work, which I quite enjoy. I wouldn't really get into cook work if I hadn't have worked at camp I don't think.


Q. Which former staff members do you keep in touch with?

A. Not any regularly, but I really love catching up with everyone when I visit with my troop every year.


Q. Any other comments you would like to share about your time at camp?

A. I still can't figure out if Myrtle Koehnen (worked there 1975-1993) is related to me and if anyone has any leads on that I would love to follow those. None of my close relatives know her

2018 - Carson Koehnen