1993 - John Lentz




Q. What year(s) were you on Tomahawk staff?

A. 1993-2004


Q. What was your position(s)?

A. C.I.T. Sioux Camp, Admin building dishwasher, Navajo Scoutcraft Director, Sioux Scoutcraft Specialist, Chippewa Scoutcraft Director, Sioux Scoutcraft Director, Chippewa Aquatics Director


Q. What was happening at Tomahawk during your tenure?  What was new?

A. White Pine was just beginning. Fire tower went in. Aquatics house at Chippewa went in (with shower building), Pirate ship in Sioux scoutcraft. Ferris wheel in Sioux scoutcraft


Q. What was your most memorable experience?

A. Took a wilderness survival mb class on an 18 mile hike through "the deep woods of Wisconsin", including swimming across some channels of water, dispersed them in the woods just north of foxfire for the night, I slept in the foxfire cabin for the night and picked them up in the morning, we made the trek back to camp by 7am. The fellas loved that trek.


Q. How did your experience at Tomahawk affect your life?

A. I got pretty comfortable living outside.


Q. What was your favorite place in camp?

A. Sioux Scoutcraft staff deck


Q. Do you have any advice for the current staff?

A. Clean dry socks. Not kidding.


Q. When was your last visit to Tomahawk?  What was different?

A. Probably 2006 or so. People were different, the feeling was the same.


Q. What is your current occupation / affiliation with Scouting, etc?

A. I work as a Healthcare Policy Specialist with the State of Colorado (in Denver Colorado). I do not have kids and am pretty far removed from the Northern Star council, so I live vicariously through my family and friends back in Minnesota.


Q. Which former staff members do you keep in touch with?

A. Dotty and Ben Magnuson and Lloyd Lentz mostly. I love catching up with folks, especially if I'm in town for the holiday party and get to catch up with Katherine, Joe, Clint, Sulzbach (! he was around this year), Townsend, etc.


Q. Any other comments you would like to share about your time at camp?

A. Nope - Well done, Dotty. This is interesting and I hope you get a lot of good responses

1993 - John Lentz