1986 - Rob Schultz





Q. What year(s) were you on Tomahawk staff?

A. 1986-1996


Q. What was your position(s)?

A. Photo-Journalist, Commissioner, Ecology Director, Navajo Camp Director, Snow Base Director


Q. What was happening at Tomahawk during your tenure?  What was new?

A. It was a busy time - we opened Navajo and White Pine Camps, New Climbing Towers, Snow Base Expansion (Adding Snow Huskies, Expanding Spearhead)


Q. What was your most memorable experience?

A. So many amazing lifelong friendships have came from my days at Tomahawk... friendships with other camp staff, volunteers, Scout leaders, Scouts... I feel very blessed to have had such an amazing group of people to grow up with!


Q. How did your experience at Tomahawk affect your life?

A. My experience at Tomahawk certainly defined by professional career... having assumed growing leadership roles in camps, nonprofits, and conservation organizations. My leadership skills were greatly honed at camp, and I was inspired to follow my passion of working in similar organizations following my days at Tomahawk.


Q. What was your favorite place in camp?

A. Chippewa Ecology and Lake Nielsen - some of the most peaceful places on Earth.


Q. Do you have any advice for the current staff?

A. Embrace your friendships at camp - just with other staff but also with the volunteers, Scout leaders and Scouts that you meet - as they will be some of the most loyal and supportive lifelong friends you will ever have.


Q. When was your last visit to Tomahawk?  What was different?

A. I visited Tomahawk in about 2009 - camp has grown and changed in so many ways, but yet there is a spirit there that continues to grow and resemble times past. The roads and entrances are different, the camp facilities have grown, and in some ways it feels a bit smaller than what I remembered during my days on staff.


Q. What is your current occupation / affiliation with Scouting, etc?

A. Vice President - National Audubon Society. President's Cabinet member of Northern Star Council, BSA


Q. Which former staff members do you keep in touch with?

A. Jeff Sulzbach, Jay Garey, Sandy Halvorson, Joe Jamros, and many, many others through social media.

1986 - Rob Schultz