1985 - Scott Schuettee

Scott Schuettee

Aside from 2 weeks in Sioux Ecology, Scott Schuette served as an honored member of the Sioux Beach staff. Scott not only taught boys the finer points of all things aquatic, but he added a creative spark to many campfires. Today Scott is married with two children and lives in Oakdale Minnesota.


Q. What years were you on Tomahawk staff?
A. 1985-1991


Q. What were your positions?
A. Aquatics Specialist, Assistant Beach Director, Beach Director


Q. What was happening at Tomahawk during your tenure? What was new?
A. I was there when the very first female CIT was brought on board. All the guys were pretty intrigued with Kathryn, but Myron Jacobson won her heart, and they are now a happy family (how about that). The “Crazy Charlie” night hike was popular and even after we shut it down in fear of kids getting hurt, many troops still hiked there way up there. Outpost was becoming even more popular, and who knew that it would become the White Pine camp we know today.


Q. What was your most memorable experience?
A. Aside from the annual air-band competition in the Chippewa boathouse, I would have to say that my favorite memories all center around the Sunday Night campfire; not just because I got to be creative, dress up like Elvis or anything, it was because it was a night when we all got together as one. I miss those campfires, and sadly the current staff doesn’t really understand the magic that happened those nights…


Q. How did your experience at Tomahawk affect your life?
A. Tomahawk was my first job, and I learned a ton, especially about myself. I learned self-confidence and leadership skills that I still use today in my current job as a Training Manager for DISH Network. But you know that camp has truly affected you when you use camp skills in an unusual situation. One day while in college I was asked to fill time at a Freshmen Orientation. I quickly started doing cheers and campfire gags I learned in camp. My director told me to keep going and asked me to be the “filler guy” throughout that Freshmen orientation.


Q. What was your favorite place in camp?
A. We had a deck right off my tent that over-looked long lake. I would often sit out there and watch the sunset listening to music in amogst the sounds of boys in camp.


Q. Do you have any advice for the current staff?
A. Soak in every moment and enjoy them. Stay in touch with those you meet in camp, they will become some of the most loyal friends you have. When the time is right…Give Back.

1985 - Scott Schuettee