1962 - Paul Ries




Q. What year(s) were you on Tomahawk staff?

A. Ancient times!! 1962 and 1964


Q. What was your position(s)?

A. Sioux Camp trading post and lots of Sioux Camp food driver! General Building Office Manager and lots and lots of misc things, Scary stuff like pet skunk on hand at all times! Yes for real!! I had to make the bank deposit every Monday!


Q. What was happening at Tomahawk during your tenure?  What was new?

A. Lots of great staff people with a great sense of humor!


Q. What was your most memorable experience?

A. A lot of interesting jobs like fixing the CRANK telephone system!! Call me want to know more?


Q. How did your experience at Tomahawk affect your life?

A. Have never been the same since!! I grew up a lot. Made a lot of friends that have been friends ever since


Q. What was your favorite place in camp?

A. Sioux Camp beach late afternoon after the Scouts are back in camp and very early morning when no Scouts around


Q. Do you have any advice for the current staff?

A. Enjoy, learn, and be involved. The experience is great and the fun never stops!!


Q. When was your last visit to Tomahawk?  What was different?

A. Do not remember the las time I was able to take a trip up there and have the time to visit Camp.


Q. What is your current occupation / affiliation with Scouting, etc?

A. I am retired. Management in Manufacturing was my occupation and worked on Supply Side Management/purchasing, Current serve on the District Committee in my Council and teach wood carving merit badge and the religous emblems program of the Catholic Faith.


Q. Which former staff members do you keep in touch with?

A. No one at this time. We are getting old and not many of us if any within driving distance of each other.


Q. Any other comments you would like to share about your time at camp?

A. Would love to talk with anyone interested in doing so. Camp is a much different place now from when I was there. You have a much wider array of program options and opportunities which should be very great for the Scouts.

1962 - Paul Ries