1960 - Tom Creager

This picture was taken just after my first year as a staff member at Camp Tomahawk. Looking back now, I (person on the left) didn't want the year to end. I know now, we all must have had that same feeling. I have relived those years over and over and know that they will be with me forever.

In 1960 I was hired to introduce Scuba Diving to the Camping Program. It was an introductory course for some select scouts. Much to my surprise, just after the two weeks, I was asked to stay on. How could I refuse. In just two weeks I met some of the greatest guys in the world. It didn't take much for me to stay. I became Assistant Outfitter to Steve King (middle person) who I was bunking with at Main Beach and my high school friend, Gary Norman (person on the right). He was Main Beach Director and also lived in this facility. How sweet!.

Back in those days to live away from the other staff members and especially at the Main Beach Facility was heaven. In addition Steve and I shared this entire facility with just two other staff members. How sweet it is. We were independently separated from the rest of the Staff and to top it off, with direct access to the lake. No one could control our after hours coming and goings. Yea who, what a life and what an education and we got paid for it. Just to sweeten the pot, I moved my older brother's 1932 Ford Roadster and a little motor boat in with me. Hay, I needed something to get back and forth from the cities and to see the lake.

Now, I was 18 years old and by boss, Steve King, was 17. What a rude awaking. Then as I got to know him and met more of the Staff, I realized, I'm one of the oldest. I can't believe it. How can this be when they were so young. Most of these kids were younger then me and they were teaching boys of various ages, without the aid of their parents. Additionally, they even took great satisfaction in presenting the Scouting program in the most collaborative way possible. They were always improving their personnel skills to better serve the many different scout troops. How was I to cope when I never got past 2nd Class. What was I going to do and what did I get myself into.

That's history now. But looking back it was the greatest of all times. Today I'm a member of the Tomahawk Alumni Association and presently serve on the board. Since Scouting has had such an impact on me, this summer I hope to share it with my family. I plan to spend one week at Camp and attempt to identify those memories to my wife, two sons, on daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. See, as you get older life doesn't get simpler. No. Just as I was looking at it back in 1960, I can do it. I'm a Boy Scout.

1960 - Tom Creager