1955 - Mike Miler

1950's Staff

     When I was asked to think back about my experiences at Tomahawk Scout Reservation, I wondered how I could look back over events 50 years ago or more. I often don’t remember what I did last year. But what I do remember of those years is that it set the stage for the 50 years that have come since then.

     As a scout in Troop 109 in St. Paul, Minnesota I held several leadership positions and was elected to the Order of the Arrow. Because of their strong promotion of summer camp I was able to join the staff of the Tomahawk Scout Reservation. While I don’t remember specific details I do remember names and people that were part of my life then and many of whom still are 50 years later. Their friendships helped shape who I am and what I did with my life. Dave Franks, Ray Chun, Jim King, Bob Albright, Bruce Foster, Pat McCardle, Bob Ellision, Dave Beardsley. Lloyd Knutson, and so many more from those early 1950’s.

     It was because of that time at Tomahawk and the OA experience that I got to attend regional and national events and learned about the Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base in Ely, Minnesota. I spent 9 summers there and the last few years I also worked part time while in college for Region Ten. All of that experience led me to choose professional scouting for my life’s work. I worked for 12 years for the Viking Council in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and then transferred to the Circle Ten Council in Dallas, Texas. I retired from Scouting in 1996 and still live in Dallas. Twice a year I volunteer to help at the National Meetings of the BSA traveling to wherever the meetings are that year.

     Dave Franks was attending the University of Wisconsin at River Falls and he encouraged me to attend as well. As a result of that I met my wife Judy there and we have been married over 40 years now. I look back at my wedding pictures and I see faces of Tomahawk and Canoe Base staff. My how we have aged!

1955 - Mike Miler