Supporting Our Programs

Whether you donate your time, talent, or treasure, you'll have great impact on young people in Scouting.

Financial Giving

If you wish to make a financial contribution, we ask that you first support the Scouting program as a whole through Friends of Scouting (FOS). FOS is an annual giving campaign that ensures the quality delivery of the Scouting program year round. Afterwords, if you still wish to give directly to a camp or camperships, please contact us and we may be able to match your giving level with a project you are passionate about.

Northern Star Scouting: Friends of Scouting (FOS) Donation Link

Continual Donations Needs

  • Trucks or Vans
  • Boats and Pontoons
  • Docks
  • Tools
  • Appliances


Northern Star Council does ask that you pre-determine the value of any items you wish to donate. You will be asked to complete a Deed of Gift form should council accept your donated items. Your item(s) may or may not qualify as a tax deductible donation in accordance with Federal income tax law. Council employees cannot give appraisals for the purpose of determination of value of said items being donated.

It's hard to say no thank you to a donation, however, we may need to refuse some items that may have a personal value to you but we may not be able to put to good use.